Meet Evelyn

  Meet Evelyn, my beautiful niece! She is currently 10 months old, and she’s as spunky as she is strong. Evvy has recently been diagnosed with Bohring-Opitz syndrome (BOS). BOS is an extremely rare genetic disorder. Only 150-200 people have been diagnosed worldwide. 

  While this syndrome doesn’t define who she is, it completely alters Evvy’s life. She has already endured 8 surgeries in her short 10 months, and will have more to come in the future. Please click the link provided below to learn more about BOS. Send the link to someone you love to help spread awareness of this extremely rare disorder. 


  Gold and Denim are the BOS awareness colors. We have made these bows specifically for Evvy! For every Sungold or Navy bow sold, we donate $5 to Evelyn’s medical bills. 

* Be sure to wear your bows on April 6 and spread awareness!  


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